Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Little bit of Rock N Roll

I come from a musical family. We always had a piano, organ, harpischord, little drums, tamborines, whatever band instrument we chose, and of course, the good old recorder. I found Luke rockin out on one and couldn't resist all his rock n roll poses he struck.

My sister and her kids participate in a community band/orchestra. My nephew Danny plays a little bit of the drums. They had to make room in their van for a trip we were gonna take that day, so he had to bring his drums in the house and Maya and Luke had a chance to experiment on them. (A lot of these videos I recorded for Matt since he's been away for several weeks, and as a parent, I figure he'll get a kick out of these.)

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Maranda & Adam Crop said...

Oh this is so funny! Luke's rock poses remind me of Adam's:) Let me know if you have any requests for jewelry! I am thinking about making all the girls in the family something for Christmas!

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