Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kendra's Wedding

September 15, 2012
Kendra and Robert Wilson

Got a new addition to my family last month. Not another baby - though there are two on the way.  I got a new brother(-in-law). I finally got to meet him two weeks before the wedding when we made a trip to Vegas to see family - he's pretty great and I am very happy for him and my sister. I wish them lots of love and happiness. 
Congrats, Kendra and Rob!

(Most of these pictures are my own. But some of them I downloaded from my sister's wedding album. They were taken by 
Kelsie Rae Photography. She did a beautiful job!)
Getting ready

Flower girls and junior bridesmaid

The flowers were done by my sister-in-law's mom and they were gorgeous!

Kendra and Mom

Matt ran a marathon earlier this day and traveled back in time for the wedding. He's in charge of posting about his accomplishment. So proud of him!

Maya and Luke were a junior bridesmaid and groomsmen. So cute! Proud mommy moment.

My dad got to walk her down the aisle AND marry them. 

Wedding Party - I love how Luke is snuggled up right next to Rob in the middle

Kendra and our brothers (all but one)

My brothers welcoming Rob to the family
Sisters (all but one)

This is my family (minus two siblings and their spouses and children) Mom and Dad (center) surrounded by 9 of their children and their spouses and children. And we're still growing! I wonder if the missionaries who baptized my mom and dad about 45 years ago knew how many lives they would effect.

Becky and the flower girls!

My brother Jared and his family - Tiffany, Brayden, Ashlyn and Brinley

Enjoying treats from the candy bar

My brother Justin and his family - Rachel, Caden, Julia, and Ryan

My brother Jason and his family - Tiffany, Tyler, Andrew, Bethany, and Blaine

Signing the wedding papers

My niece and nephew - Cameo and Dawson

My sister Rachel and my Mom

My brother Justin and my Dad


Monday, October 29, 2012

Labor Day Weekend in Vegas

Labor Day weekend we made a trip to my brother Justin's house in Vegas. His oldest, Caden was getting baptized. Luke's birthday was the next day and lots of family was gonna be there, so we made the drive. And had a BLAST! I wish my family lived closer together. We always have such a great time.

Brayden, Luke, and Caden

Maya and Julia


Ashlyn and Brinley


Me and Kendra - or is it Kendra and I?

What kid doesn't love the Wii?

Adam and his baby boy Carson

Good times
Left to right - Mom, Jared, Tiffany, Ashlyn, and Rob

Hi, Dad!

Trampoline fun!

Love these guys! They got married 2 weeks after this picture was shot. A post about that event will follow soon.

No frosting will go to waste.

The Kids