Saturday, August 28, 2010

What are the odds???

Matt and I are working hard these days trying to get settled in our new home. Yesterday afternoon we decided to finally get started in the office. We had our computer set up within the first 3 days so we could have access to internet, but nothing in the room is located in the right spot. It's also the only room that I haven't unpacked any of the boxes. So any important missing items - ie; printer paper, the little box that has all the screws and nails and hardware for hanging everything on walls, wires, etc - are probably hidden in one of these office boxes, all of which are labeled "books". Needle in a haystack, baby. Matt was post call and kids were in school and Seth was napping, so we took the opportunity to start moving things around in the office. We wanted to move the computer to the oppposite wall. We start to unload the top of the desk and unplug wires when we notice that the internet wire that goes to the wall is pretty short and will not reach to the other wall. We can't simply switch it out for a longer phone cord because it is not "plugged" into the phone socket. The Comcast guy hook the wires directly from the wire to the wirebox inside the wall plate. Matt is ready remove the short wire and cut the end of our long one and connect the wires himself. I'm a little more reluctant. I wash my hands of it and tell Matt I want nothing to do with it and that he's making me nervous and I leave the room while he has his fun playing with wires. I come back a few minutes later and it seems that everything is fine. The longer wire is hooked up and Matt is showing me that the internet works. All right then. So we unplug everything and start moving furniture around. We get the computer all set back up on the desk and plugged in and we no longer have internet. I know that sometimes it's a matter of plugging things in and turning things on in the right order, but nothing's working. So I go to call Comcast and realize our home phone has no dial tone. Nothing! So Matt calls on his cell and talks to someone and nothing is working, so they say they'll send someone out the next day. So Matt and I are joking about how he broke the internet and phone and that's the only way he'll learn.
Today the Comcast guy came. He's here 5 minutes and tells us everything is working fine and all set up. Apparently, the tenants who lived here before us had scheduled for their service to be turned off on August 27 (yesterday). Comcast turned it off not realizing they had already started our service. It was an overlap.
It's just crazy that the turn off happened right during the time that Matt had been fiddling with the wires. Seriously, what are the chances?! It cracked us both up and I guess Matt didn't learn his lesson because he didn't actually break anything.

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