Friday, January 23, 2009

He's the Amazing. . . Spider Man?

Luke is growing up fast. He's learning new things everyday. The past two weeks, we've been working on him learning to put his own shoes on the right feet; he can get himself dressed on his own, among other things. It's just as it should be, especially in time for this next baby to arrive in a few weeks. Well, today after he put on his own shorts by himself I asked him if he was growing up to be my big boy. He said "No. I'm growing up to be spider man!. . . And Maya is growing up to be a princess."
At least they're dressing for the job they want. Isn't that the first step?

(December 2008) (Halloween 2008)

(Halloween 2004?) (Practicing piano 2008)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I wana snuggel wuggel! - a post by maya

I feel like snuggeling! This morning I pretended to be ina warm club. I put a pillow and a big blanket next to the coutch. An then I made Luke lay down on the pillow. Then I wrapped him nise and warm! That was f-u-n! While I did that we watched The Jerney To The Center Of The Earth! That was new. miss ya kiss ya buy!!!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh Happy Day

A Jamba is coming soon to a shopping plaza near me!!! I'd heard rumors that one was going to open in this big new shopping plaza that just opened its first stores this past summer. So everytime I drive through the plaza I keep an eye out for the Jamba sign in one of the yet to be filled shops, hoping against hope that the rumor is true. Today, as I was driving through headed to one of the stores, I saw a sign in the window of one of the empty buildings: Jamba Juice Coming Soon!
I love Jamba! Hopefully it will be open in time for me to pick one up on my way to the hospital to have this baby in March - and we'll be picking up many more Jamba's after.
I have to say, I'm shocked that a place as hot as San Antonio Texas doesn't have a lot more frozen treat franchises. There are ice cream places but not a lot of frozen smoothie/fruit drink places. Shocking.
My personal favorite is Orange Berry Blitz. Every so often I'll try another flavor, but Orange Berry is by far my favorite. What's yours?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Color Me Silly

Oh, the things a father will let his children do to him.
Maya has been begging for several days now to paint Matt's face. She had her face painted at a recent holiday party and has been dying to paint Matt's face. So after family home evening tonight, they got the paints out. She drew Oahu on his face, a note for me on his hand, and of course, Luke can't be left out, so his abstract masterpiece is all over Matt's arms.

The Kids