Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Water Baby

Seth got to join us in the pool for the first time on Saturday evening. He's not aloud to wear sunscreen yet, so I've mostly had him hiding in the shade while we play at the pool. But, it's still very hot in the shade. There's a little shade in the toddler section of our pool, so we got him in his suit and took him for a swim. He likes the water. Spent a lot of time trying to eat it. Looks like I've got another fish.


Seth was blessed the first Sunday this month. It was a beautiful blessing. I had woken up that morning in a bad mood and stayed in a bad mood for no good reason all morning. I got the kids ready and went to church and met Matt there. As soon as the first words of the blessing started, my bad mood melted away and I got all teary eyed and listened as my husband gave Seth a wonderful blessing.

(Can't resist a good crying picture)

Now, I have to say that I am so disappointed with the clothing stores. There is a serious lack of dressy clothes for boys. You have tons of PJs and rompers to choose from, but there arent' pants that aren't denim or sweat pant material. No sweater vests or plain button down shirts. I had gotten Luke's blessing outfit from JCPenny. When I looked for one for Seth, they had nothing. Luckily, last minute, I found a cute little plain white polo onesie at Walmart at 10 pm the night before the blessing. The pants are from Luke's blessing outfit. The top half of Luke's blessing outfit had that yellow stain that develops over time from spit up. Time to go get that dry cleaned. This all was part of my bad mood on Sunday. I was mad at myself for forgetting about the blessing until the night before (things have been pretty hectic) and mad that I didn't have an outfit just for Seth. I wanted all my kids to have their own blessing outfit to have when they grow up and have children of their own. So much for that plan. I'll just keep it as my own keepsake and they can use it down the road if they want to. I'm over it.

Friday, June 5, 2009

At Last!

A post by Maya:

Yay! It`s summer! You know why I'm excited? Because it's summer and no more school! I've got good news and bad news. I'll tell you the good news first. The good news is that I don't have to wake up at 6:30 anymore. The bad news is that I won't see all my friends next year because I'm going to a new elementary school. But, I'm excited still. I can hang out with my family and hang out at the pool and do some exercising! Bye! See you next time!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Here is a video I took to try and get Seth smiling. Luke came along and started acting like a T-rex. After Luke roars a few times you'll have to watch Seth's face when I pan back over to him. So sad and so cute at the same time.

Dance recital video

Here's a video of my favorite of the 3 dances Maya did. It takes too long to post all 3.

Maya is in the silver skirt, in the back row on the left. One of the girls in front of her kept getting right in the way from the angle I was at, but you can see Maya most of the time.

A lot to catch up on

It's been a busy week. We'll see how much Seth lets me get done right now. We got some more smile pictures. I love his little double chin in the first one.

A friend of mine came over last weekend and took a whole bunch of really cute shots of Seth with her nice camera. We're getting those ready and I'll post them as a slide show soon. If anyone wants a copy of any of those photos, I'll have them posted on and you can get them. When the slideshow is on here, they'll be posted there.

Maya had her dance recital last weekend. She did a really great job. Girl loves to dance. We have the dance music on CD for Maya to practice with. When she practices, Luke is right there next to her copying her every move (as well as a 3-year-old can). It's really funny. I'll have to try and get that on video.

On Monday, Maya got a really cute haircut. Here's the before:
and the after:
I love it! She loves her neck not being hot anymore. The only drawback is she doesn't have a ponytail to hold her swim goggles strap in place while she swims.
Yesterday morning, I was watching my friend's boys. One of them loves to birdwatch. Good thing too, because otherwise I never would have noticed the ducks in my trees. That's right. ducks in my trees. I can't recall seeing ducks hang out in trees before.
Click on the pictures to make them bigger. You'll see the ducks with the bright orange beaks. My camera's zoom sucks. Everything looked tiny and far away in the camera even though the trees in my backyard are not that far away from my house.
Tonight, Matt and I are going to see "Wicked" with a bunch of friends. I'm very excited, though leaving Seth caused a lot of anguish. Not because I don't want to leave him home for the evening. I'm just worried my babysitter will be miserable if he cries and won't go to sleep. I'm not sure if he'll take a bottle. Hopefully he'll fall asleep within an hour at his usual bedtime and she won't really even have to deal with him. I'm sure it'll be fine.

The Kids