Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Water Baby

Seth got to join us in the pool for the first time on Saturday evening. He's not aloud to wear sunscreen yet, so I've mostly had him hiding in the shade while we play at the pool. But, it's still very hot in the shade. There's a little shade in the toddler section of our pool, so we got him in his suit and took him for a swim. He likes the water. Spent a lot of time trying to eat it. Looks like I've got another fish.


jbel said...

loved the story behind your bad mood.
i totally agree about boys clothes and shopping for them ... it can be quite the disappointment.

the kids looked beautiful though in the Sunday pic. did any family fly in for the blessing?

Rachey said...

seth has the best faces!!!

Rachey said...

seth makes teh (ooh thats a hard one) the... best faces!!!!

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