Friday, February 25, 2011


The quote of the day today goes to my 5 year-old Luke. He had a bloody nose and this is what he said: "I know why my nose started bleeding this time. It's because I picked my nose too far."

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Time flies

So much growing up has been going on in this house lately. I'm trying so hard to appreciate it and not let it pass me by, but it's all happening so fast and lots of times I'm just too plain exhausted to notice. Then the kids will do something that makes me realize how precious these young years are and how quickly they are going by. Who knows if we'll be doing these baby years again? I certainly don't - and there are no plans for the immediate future.

Anywho, I figured it's time to highlight each of my children and what they've been up to lately.

Maya is my absolutely amazing daughter who keeps losing teeth left and right. The tooth fairy is about to go bankrupt and I don't know how my can manage to bite any of her food. She is doing so well in school - I haven't figured out yet what her niche is because she's doing so well in everything. She loves to read and is going through books like crazy (I'll take recommendations if you've got em). Maya is in 3rd grade and her teacher said she is reading books at a 5th grade +6 months level. She loves to write stories and draw. But, she's not only good at reading and writing; She's really good at Math. She got her multiplication tables down and she getting pretty good at division too. She loves to sing and play the piano (that doesn't mean she likes to practice what I teach her for piano). She also loves to play whatever sport she can. She dominates the tetherball courts at recess (I witnessed her easily defeat a boy she was playing. I was so proud!) She just finished her very first season of basketball. She learned a lot really quickly and became a great defender for her team. She still loves soccer and is always asking to try new things. On top of it all, she is just fantastic as a person. She is kind and helpful and always tries to do her best. I don't know what her teenage years will bring, but for now she is a complete angel.

Luke. Luke luke luke. There's so much to say. He's so many opposites. Does that make sense? He's pretty fantastic and cracks me up every day. He's very clever and just like his big sister, soaks up information and it sticks. He's doing well in school and loves getting to play with his friends there every day. He and I get quiet time together in the afternoons while Seth naps and Maya's still at school. We love to sit and read together - most of the books that he picks are educational. We read about dinosaurs, frogs, fish, volcanoes... On the opposite end of the spectrum; He's got so much energy that sometimes I get tired just watching him. Lately he's got this weird habit of randomly making really loud sounds. We're trying to break this habit and it feels like a losing battle. He's really great at building things. He loves playing with Dad as much as he can. He's learning how to do things all the time. He's recently learned to make his bed (how neat it actually looks is all relative) and is very proud of himself when he actually does it. I'm just excited for the fact that he's old enough to help around the house because let me tell you - I can't keep up with how quickly the kids mess up. My absolute favorite though is his hugs and kisses and the sweet things he'll tell me. Some of the best words in the world are "I love you, mom. You're the best mom in the whole world."

Little Seth...he's not so little anymore. I still call him baby but he outgrew that without my realizing it had happened. Seriously? Where does the time go? He's walking, running, jumping, climbing, talking and screaming - just like his big brother and sister. He watches him and it's so crazy to see him imitate them in every way. Even in the way he gets put into time out. Luke gets angry when he gets put into timeout, usually screams "FINE!!!" at the top of his lungs, try and take a full swing punch at us and then sits in time out with an angry face. Seth has since learned to yell "Fine!" and take a swinging punch at us on his way to time out. Luckily Seth doesn't have as good of aim in the punching department. As much as I don't want him to learn this behavior, it does make me laugh. In a matter of the few months that we've lived here he's learned to walk, jump, run and climb on everything. He's finally starting to talk. When he says "need help" it sounds like the japanese word for hello and comes out "nee how". Cracks me up. He's pretty good at kicking a soccer ball and throwing things (once again - we're still working on aim). He's determined to learn to dribble a basketball. He tries all the time and for a not yet 2-year-old he's pretty good. He loves to pick out his clothes and help get himself dressed. It helps him feel like a big kid. I love his little kisses and the rare cuddling moments. He is always on the move.
I feel so blessed to have these 3 amazing chidren in my life and am grateful for every day I have with them.

The Kids