Friday, May 30, 2008

Stitches cont'd

Matt took Luke's stitches out last night. At first we tried while he was awake and got 1 stitch out. Then we decided to wait until Luke was sleeping to get the rest out. The scar is actually healing really well - so I take back what I said about ER doc (that he should've put more stitches in). My son won't be horribly disfigured - YAY!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Aloha, Hawaii!

We are now home - we are all dazed and confused from an overnight flight and flying 5 hours into the future. It's confusing to talk about what day it is and what is considered yesterday. Anyway here are a few pictures from our first day in Hawaii. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to add a slideshow soon.

My sister Rachel helping Maya and Luke run from waves on Waikiki.

Lots of silly faces. We just aren't a serious family.

Admiring the ocean with Luke

Helping Luke get used to the feel of the sand and the water. We just got to the hotel from the airport in these pics. First thing we did was walk to the beach and eat dinner right there.

Maya, the next morning. Her white swim suit is now permanantly speckled with sand granules - so worth it.


Is it totally weird that I'm bummed I didn't get a picture of the wound before it was stitched up? We didn't think to take a picture of it til we were on our way and we didn't have a camera with us.

Here is Luke a day or two after with a Steri-Strip covering it.

Here he is today (4 days post craziness). Matt pulled the Steri-Strip off while Luke was asleep on the plane ride home. Up close it doesn't look pretty. Matt says the doctor did a good job, but my being a mom and knowing how to sew, this was not a tight seam. It's all puckered. I would've put a few more stitches in if Luke hadn't been freaking out so much. I guess with boys, they say a scar adds character. Whatever . . .

Friday, May 23, 2008

It wouldn't be a vacation without a trip to the hospital

In case you haven't noticed, Luke likes to bounce - all the time. Wednesday night, we were hanging out in my brother's hotel room getting ready to play some cards. We started a movie for the kids. Luke was on the couch bouncing on a pool floaty (I know, I know - just guess what's coming) He bounced on the floaty and it threw him or he slipped off (not sure which) and he fell hitting his head on the corner of a wooden coffee table. All I heard was the loud bang and him start to cry. I jumped over my brother's chair to pick him up quick and calm him down. I knew he was hurting, but when I picked him up he was holding his head just next to his right eye and there was a lot of blood (I knew from having 6 brothers, that head wounds bleed a lot even though they may not be serious, so I wasn't freaking out). I carried him over to the kitchen and called Matt over to me (these are the times I'm glad he's a doctor). Before Matt got there, Luke moved his hand and I saw a big one inch gash. I knew he needed stitches. My sister Rachel, who is a nurse, helped Matt and I get control of the bleeding. Once it calmed down, we left Maya with my family and Rach, Matt and I took Luke to the hospital (Tripler Army Medical Center here on Oahu). Matt can't even get away from the hospital for 1 week. He wanted to put the stitches in himself, but we didn't plan on needing a suture kit on vacation, so off to the hospital we went. They had to wrap Luke up like a burrito to lock his arms and legs down. Rachel and one of the nurses there held Luke's body down while a BIG guy held Luke's head still and the ER doc put in 4 stitches. Luke did not like it one bit and all I could do was stand there where Luke could see me and talk to him and try to help him calm down. But, a 2 year old does not like to be held down. A sweet moment was that at one point he was asking for my Dad. They had come and rinsed to the wound to see how deep it was(It was clear through the skin, wide open)so Luke started saying "I want grandpa". It was sweet.
Having a big gash in his head has not slowed him down one bit. He's still bouncing everywhere and jumping on the couch no matter how many times I tell him to stop and try to remind him about his trip to the hospital. I'll post a picture as soon as I can, but for now this story will have to do.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Just a taste

Aloooha!! We arrived in Oahu yesterday afternoon. As soon as Luke saw the beach from the airplane he started announcing to all that he loves the ocean. He just kept repeating "I love the ocean!" When we got to our hotel he tried running straight to the beach, he didn't want to follow us in while we checked in. Maya has been spending all her time in the water, even did a little snorkeling in the very shallow waters of waikiki. Matt was throwing little pieces of bread in the water right in front of her and all the fish crowded in front of her mask in the water. I'm being told to go on a walk with my husband while my parents watch the kids. I'll upload a picture for now and post a bunch later.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Maya's Birthday Party

Maya's birthday will be on May 13th. We had a party for her last night. Simple chaos - grilled up some burgers and dogs while the kids got to run wild. Sadly, I only got a couple pictures because I didn't realize the camera was full. A few weeks ago, I participated in a stake mini musical. I knew Matt had let Maya be the photographer. I didn't realize she had taken about 80 (mostly blurry) pictures with it. I didn't have any time to check the camera before the party, but I truly didn't think there were that many pictures already on it. I at least got one of Maya breaking the pinata and one of her (pretend) blowing out the candles. (Matt got them singing while I was bringing the cake to the table - I didn't have time to get the camera before she blew out the candles. Since she loves to pose anyway, we had her pretend to blow them out for the camera) Overall, it was a fun night. Here are a few pictures to share of Maya's party. She will be 6 years old in a few days.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

suit it up (this ones for the girls)

I've got a beef to pic with swim suit makers. I just finished the long arduous process of finding a suit that is right for me. I'm a swimmer and have owned many many suits through my life - but as a competitive swimmer all you need is a super tight fitting speedo and you're good to go. I no longer have my athletic teenage body (this is Jen writing - not Matt) thanks to 3 pregnancies - not that I've let myself go. I work hard. I just have a "different" shape than I used to. Let's not get into all that right now. Back to swim suits - when did companies forget that swim suits need to support certain curves! There are lots of cute suits that don't do a darn thing. It shouldn't take shopping at 10 different stores and an additional 10 different websites to find only 3 or 4 suits that provide any support (bikinis excluded cuz as my 5-year-old would say - that isn't modest!) Anywho - if anyone has a dream of being a fashion designer - design some suits that look great and function well.
I will now step off my soap box (for now)

The Kids