Sunday, May 30, 2010

Maya's 8th

Maya turned 8 on the 13th of this month. For our religion, 8 is a big birthday. It's the age when they get to choose to be baptized. Maya is very excited for her baptism which is coming up this next weekend. Grandma and Grandpa Crop and Aunt Jessica and her family are all coming down to share in this special weekend. (It will also be my parents first time finally getting to meet Seth! He's 14 months old.)
This year, the weather worked out for us and we were able to have a little swim party for Maya. Just 4 or 5 friends came and hung out at the pool. Nice and easy and tons of fun. (Last year, during a drought, black clouds rolled in just as Maya's pool party was going to start and it poured for a couple of hours. This year it rained and was cloudy up until about an hour before her party. But luckily, the sun came out and it was a beautiful afternoon.)
Maya is such an amazing girl. We are so proud of who she is. She is such a helper and she truly finds joy in serving others.
Here is a list of some of Maya's favorite things right now.
Favorite Color: Pink and green
Favorite dinner: Chicken Paprikash
Favorite dessert: Brownies, cakes, and cookies - That's my girl!
Favorite Restaurant: IHOP
Favorite sports: Soccer, swimming, and football
Favorite movies: The Little Mermaid, Ariel's beginning
Favorite Books: Junie B Jones series and Percy Jackson
Favorite songs: Follow the prophet (primary) and So What by p!nk (radio)
Favorite hobby: Collect rocks (I am so tired of finding her rocks all over my house! ;)
She does very well in school and her teachers always have the most wonderful things to say about her. She loves her brothers. She has a real musical talent on the piano.

Maya, we love you so much and are so glad that you are a part of our family.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Luke's Words

On the way home from the gym today, Luke was complaining about a glob of chocolate on his seatbelt and pants. I think a chocolate chip from his granola bar had fallen onto it. I offered him a wipe to clean it up. His response:
"I don't want a wipe. I just want the stuff that hammers out tough stains."
Huh? I was confused at first. Then I realized he was quoting a commercial. No idea which laundry detergent he was talking about. I have noticed over the past few weeks that this is a talent with Luke. He remembers lyrics and quotes really well. He'll start singing songs from the radio and remember the words better than I do!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Coming soon

So, I realize it's been a few weeks since I've posted anything. It's not that I don't have anything to post. It's just a matter of finding the time and energy to do it (especially uploading photos). So a quick list of what's happening:
The main thing keeping us busy these days (mostly me since I'm at home) is getting ready for the move. On top of finding a home in California for us to live in, we are trying to sell/rent out our house here in San Antonio AND we're trying to find new renters for our townhouse in Maryland. It's kind of a handful - mainly of stress. But we feel good about the routes we're taking. After 2 months of this, we're mostly just ready to be past it and move on.
We're very sad to leave San Antonio and the amazing friends we've made here, but I'll delve into that another time. We are very excited to head back to California and be closer to a bunch of family and lots of fun places to visit.
Another big event happening is Maya's birthday. (Matt had one too, but our focus is on Maya this time.) Maya turned 8 and we're getting things ready for her baptism in a couple of weeks. It's a very special occasion and we're so excited that Grandma and Grandpa Crop can come along with Aunt Jessica and Uncle Lance and the Ferreira kids. It's always good times when they come to play!!
So, hopefully sooner rather than later, we'll have some fun pictures and stories posted for your reading enjoyment as well as for our family journal.
Peace out!

The Kids