Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Seth!

Seth is 3! We celebrated with friends yesterday on his birthday. At the beginning of the day when we tried to tell him he was now 3, he was very adamant that he was still 2. But by the end of the day, he had it figured out that the right answer was 3.
The best birthday present was Daddy coming home from Afghanistan just a few days before! YAY! (There will be a post with pictures of the big day)

Seth is so fun and everybody is just drawn to him. He has the cutest little voice and is hilarious when he tries to speak with authority like a grownup. He loves to give mommy hugs and kisses and tells me that he loves me. He is fantastic at putting puzzles together and recognizes most of his numbers up into the 20s. One of his favorite shows is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He loves to try and do everything his brother does, so I need to stay on top of Luke's actions so I can keep them both out of trouble/danger. Seth loves music and singing. He pretty good at kicking a soccer ball around and right now all the kids are working on their baseball skills. He has a big sweet tooth and would live off of candy and popcorn if I would let him. We are so glad to have him in our family! I heart my kids big time! Happy Birthday, Seth!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Big Blue Wrecking Crew - Maya's first game

Maya and her best friend Emi on picture day.
Playing their first softball season together.

Maya is in 4th grade and I've finally got her signed up for her first softball team. Most of the other girls have been playing for a few years. It frustrates Maya a little when she watches the other girls do things and she doesn't just immediately pick it up, but she is holding her own.
I do have to brag a little with this post. She played her first game this past Saturday. Her team, "Big Blue Wrecking Crew", won 11-2. Maya was up to bat twice. The whole team was up to bat at least twice. Maya was the only girl to get a hit both times! On her first hit she made it to first and got an RBI (runner batted in), meaning a girl on third ran to home plate on Maya's hit. Maya ended up stealing home herself that time around the bases. She got another hit her second time up and made it to first again. But later got tagged out at another base. It was a great first game for her. Her best friend Emi also got a hit and stole a few bases herself. I'm glad they're learning this together. I know the games probably won't all be like this, but I'm so glad she had a good time. Her coaches are fantastic with her and really doing a great job of helping her to learn. Now if I could only get my boys to stay put so I could actually watch the entire game...

City Spelling Bee

Back on February 8th, Maya participated in the Vacaville City Spelling Bee. She earned her spot there by being one of the final 3 students in her school spelling bee. She is in 4th grade which makes her one of the youngest considering spellers from 4th, 5th, and 6th and compete together. She along with two 6th graders represented Cambridge Elementary School. 
Receiving her participation trophy

The Bee was held at the local movie theatre complex. She made it passed the first round. On the second round she was eliminated with the word "croquet". She new how to spell it, but her nerves got the best of her. she ended up spelling it c-r-o-q-u-....a-y. The girl before her merely had to spell "pickle". Oh well. It was a fun experience and a girls night for her and I. We celebrated with In-n-Out for dinner after and some Coldstone for dessert before picking up her brothers and heading home. 
I sure am proud of this girl of mine. She is pretty amazing!

The Kids