Tuesday, May 6, 2008

suit it up (this ones for the girls)

I've got a beef to pic with swim suit makers. I just finished the long arduous process of finding a suit that is right for me. I'm a swimmer and have owned many many suits through my life - but as a competitive swimmer all you need is a super tight fitting speedo and you're good to go. I no longer have my athletic teenage body (this is Jen writing - not Matt) thanks to 3 pregnancies - not that I've let myself go. I work hard. I just have a "different" shape than I used to. Let's not get into all that right now. Back to swim suits - when did companies forget that swim suits need to support certain curves! There are lots of cute suits that don't do a darn thing. It shouldn't take shopping at 10 different stores and an additional 10 different websites to find only 3 or 4 suits that provide any support (bikinis excluded cuz as my 5-year-old would say - that isn't modest!) Anywho - if anyone has a dream of being a fashion designer - design some suits that look great and function well.
I will now step off my soap box (for now)


Becca said...

yeah, swim suits pretty much suck! Good luck

Sarah said...

I want to know when lycra spandex became lycra steel. I'm all for a fabric that holds you in, but come on!! I nearly strangled myself trying to get the tops off in the dressing room. =)

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