Friday, May 23, 2008

It wouldn't be a vacation without a trip to the hospital

In case you haven't noticed, Luke likes to bounce - all the time. Wednesday night, we were hanging out in my brother's hotel room getting ready to play some cards. We started a movie for the kids. Luke was on the couch bouncing on a pool floaty (I know, I know - just guess what's coming) He bounced on the floaty and it threw him or he slipped off (not sure which) and he fell hitting his head on the corner of a wooden coffee table. All I heard was the loud bang and him start to cry. I jumped over my brother's chair to pick him up quick and calm him down. I knew he was hurting, but when I picked him up he was holding his head just next to his right eye and there was a lot of blood (I knew from having 6 brothers, that head wounds bleed a lot even though they may not be serious, so I wasn't freaking out). I carried him over to the kitchen and called Matt over to me (these are the times I'm glad he's a doctor). Before Matt got there, Luke moved his hand and I saw a big one inch gash. I knew he needed stitches. My sister Rachel, who is a nurse, helped Matt and I get control of the bleeding. Once it calmed down, we left Maya with my family and Rach, Matt and I took Luke to the hospital (Tripler Army Medical Center here on Oahu). Matt can't even get away from the hospital for 1 week. He wanted to put the stitches in himself, but we didn't plan on needing a suture kit on vacation, so off to the hospital we went. They had to wrap Luke up like a burrito to lock his arms and legs down. Rachel and one of the nurses there held Luke's body down while a BIG guy held Luke's head still and the ER doc put in 4 stitches. Luke did not like it one bit and all I could do was stand there where Luke could see me and talk to him and try to help him calm down. But, a 2 year old does not like to be held down. A sweet moment was that at one point he was asking for my Dad. They had come and rinsed to the wound to see how deep it was(It was clear through the skin, wide open)so Luke started saying "I want grandpa". It was sweet.
Having a big gash in his head has not slowed him down one bit. He's still bouncing everywhere and jumping on the couch no matter how many times I tell him to stop and try to remind him about his trip to the hospital. I'll post a picture as soon as I can, but for now this story will have to do.

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Becca said...

SHEESH!!! That's just what you need when you are on vacation. I am glad that he is okay

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