Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kids say the darndest things

We just got home from church and the first thing we usually do is get into comfy clothes. So, right after we walked in, Maya said "I'm going to go put on my sweaty pants." Matt and I started laughing. I told Maya that what she probably meant to say was sweat pants, not sweaty pants.

At the end of church, the hallways are always crazy. Matt, Luke and I were getting Maya from her classroom. Another kid walked past Luke from behind and Luke fell down, complete accident. Luke jumped up onto both feet into a ninja position with both hand in fists and said "Hi-yah!" - and waited in the ready position for another attack. He was angry that he'd been knocked over, he had no idea who it was, and the kid was long gone. It cracked me up b/c I've never seen him do that before. It was hilarious. (Of course I never would have let him actually hit anyone - his stance was just so funny!)


jcrop said...

I love how Luke is ready to take on anyone, not even knowing how big they are. And don't worry, I know you do laundry so her pants aren't really sweaty:)

Becca said...

it was probably Tyler that knocked him down. He could have used a good ninja butt-kicking

Lynn said...

both of those are really funny! i love it!

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