Friday, August 15, 2008

Back at Home

The kids and I got back on Wednesday from a fun trip to my parents house in New York. As much as I love to go home to New York, it felt good to come back to my own home. Here are a few pictures and videos from the trip.
The view from my parent's front door. No automatic sprinklers necessary in NY.

Maya enjoying Grandma and Grnadpa's swimming pool.

Luke spent a lot of time playing his cousin's Wii. He's obsessed with a game called Smashbrothers, and now I have to deal with the aftermath and the constant asking if he can play. The answer for a LONG time will be NO!

Maya, Luke and their cousin Danny at my old high school track.

Lots of fun was had. I'll upload some more stuff from our trip over the next few days.

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brookelovesjay said...

i miss the east coast so much! and jason won't take me back there. glad you had fun! are you very sick yet? or is everything going smoothly?

The Kids