Monday, August 18, 2008


One of my favorite things about going to my parent's home is Adam's Fairacre Farms. It's a grocery store that is mostly fresh produce, Seriously, at least half, if not more, is all fresh fruits and vegetables and plants - GOOD STUFF! They have the best fruits and vegetables and an awesome bakery. Another fun thing about this place is they have kid-sized carts. So we took Maya and Luke and they were in charge of the carts and had fun helping us pick out the fruit.
Here's a few pictures.

Helping Aunt Becky pick out some apples

What kid can resist checking out the lobsters?


Lynn said...

Don't forget to check out HEB Central Market in Alamo Heights. You'll love it.

brookelovesjay said...

i never knew this existed when I lived in NY. How sad!

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