Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We're goin', we're goin', we're goin' back to. . .

(Remember that song?)
We found out this morning where the Air Force is sending us next. It was a crazy morning. My friend texted me this morning before picking up kids for school asking if we knew where we were going because another resident had found out last night. So I start getting all jittery and anxious. Can it be true?? Will we already know? Do I want to know? Very mixed feelings on this whole thing. So I immediately text and page Matt who is out of town and on call at the hospital he is working at today. So I know it will be hard to get a hold of him. He apparently got a text from his anesthesia program at the same time as my text telling him to check his email. Only problem is, they sent it to his military account that he can only check from a military computer which he is no where near! AAAAHH! Frustrating. So I call the program assistant for him and they say they'll call me back once they find out. Didn't hear anything back for a while. So I text Matt and suggest maybe he'll get better results or he could ask another resident in his program to check for him.
I continue on with my morning and am heading to the gym. I'm pulling into the parking lot when I get a text from Matt (don't worry - I don't text and drive. I wait til I'm stopped to check anything on my phone.)
It's a one word text: We
a few seconds later another text: are
(Oh Matt this is not a fun game. I am shaking!)
another text: going
a minute later: to
another: an air force base
another: called
another text: in the english language
That's were it left off. I'm dropping the kids off in child care trying to get to a lifting class on time and reading these messages. My brain is ready to explode. Then I get a phone call from him.
We are going to Travis Air Force base!!
I was stunned. I'm excited to go to Travis, sad to leave San Antonio, freaking out about trying to sell a home and find one out there that we like as much as the one we have here. It takes a while for me to figure out how I feel. It was after all our #1 choice. But staying was a possibility - a nice, easy, comfortable one. I've got such great friends here in Texas. I don't want to leave them and start all over again. I'm sure there are great things waiting for me in Cali (most importantly my oldest brother and his family live close to Travis). A whole mix of emotions going on inside. And tons to get done in order to get there. I'm hoping and praying for guidance in all the big choices we have coming and know the Lord will guide us to where we need to be.
Time for another adventure!


Ash said...

What great Assignment!! Travis makes everyone jealous! Love it! Congrats!

Chris or Katie said...

waaaa hoooo! we will get to see you!

Garrett B said...

Dayton's not good enough for you? Really, congrats and enjoy California!

Becky said...

Well, we are thrilled for you! Although moving stinks!!

Kevin and Kristen said...

Yea! We are excited to have you back in sunny CA! Good luck with selling your house and getting ready for the big move.

jbel said...

so cool- congrats!
I totally remember that song!

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