Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kids say the darndest things

We have guests in town this week. With Matt out of town Luke has been camping on the floor in my room; therefore not using his own bed. So instead of setting up an air mattress for my friends little 2-year-old I figured I'd carry Luke's toddler/crib-sized mattress downstairs for her to sleep on this week.
I asked Luke if that would be okay and his response was, "But then it will smell like girls!"
That boy cracks me up! I assured him it wouldn't because I would put clean sheets on his mattress. This answer eased his worries and he was happy to share.


Maranda & Adam Crop said...

Love this!! Hope everything is going great for you and your cute family!!

Garrett B said...

He's right. That terrible girl smell is really hard to get out. And that's without even considering the cootie problems...

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