Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Don't want to forget

Some of the things that come out of Luke's mouth just cracks us up. (Sometimes it cracks us up after having time to get over being frustrated with him)
Anywho, yesterday all three of my guys got haircuts. Matt cut Luke's hair. We use clippers. My little boys are not a fan of the clippers and all the vibration. Luke finally has stopped fighting and screaming and wiggling when we cut his hair.
Matt was using the clippers on the side of Luke's head when Luke said, "Dad, you're making me feel my brain."
When Luke takes a nap, bedtime becomes a nightmare. He just won't go to bed. Yesterday was one of these days. We'd already sent him up to bed a handfull of times. We even took his blanket he likes to snuggle with away from him. In the past we've given it back to him once he was sound asleep. So last night after sneaking down again begging for his blanket we send him back up. On his way up the stairs he says/yells, "Give me my blanket when I'm asleep ok mom?!"
Two minutes later he's upstairs yelling down, "MOM! I'M ASLEEP! BRING ME MY BLANKET!"
He repeats this several times. I finally call up to him, "Sleeping people don't talk!"

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