Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1 Whole Year

(2 days old / 2 weeks old)

I can't belive 1 whole year has gone by so fast! Last Thursday, March 25th, we celebrated Seth's first birthday. (Well, he turned 1 anyway - we celebrated on Saturday when Matt was home to celebrate it with us.)

Seth has been so fun. He's an amazing sleeper. At about 6 weeks old he started sleeping through the night all on his own. He is such a smiley little boy. He loves when he gets attention from his big brother and sister - and they have been amazing with him. He's got the same amazing blue eyes that his dad and Luke have. He's my blondest child. We'll see how crazy light it gets this summer in the sun. He is a complete momma's boy. Follows me everywhere and cries if I walk past him or out of the room for even a second. Sometimes it is tiring, but I love all the love. He's crawling and cruising, but he just doesn't seem to care about walking yet. That may be another month or two.

With each of my kids, they get their own little cake to eat/destroy for their first birthday. Maya and Luke had to warm up to the cakes and didn't really want to touch them and get messy. They both eventually did, but it took some convincing. Seth is our eater. He was not afraid to try his cake. Here's some pictures and a video of his strategy.


Happy Birthday, Seth! We are so glad to have you in our family. Love you!


Jessica said...

I wish I could stick my mouth right into cakes and pies..jealous!!!

jbel said...

looks like a BLAST! smart of you to take everything off the highchair FIRST.

jbel said...

that looks like a BLAST!

smart thing to take everything off the highchair FIRST!

The McKinstry's said...

Looks like he enjoyed his cake, what a cutie. Time has flown bye. I remember reading blog posts right after you had him, crazy.

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