Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Little Memories - Luke

Last night I got Luke all tucked into bed and headed downstairs. As soon as I got downstairs I heard Luke shout from bed, "Mom! It's smoochy time! Mom! I wanna smooch you!" - That in and of itself cracked me up!
(Before you start thinking "gross", a smooch to Luke is a quick little peck on the lips, that's all)
So, he continues to shout this until I get upstairs and give him a "smooch". As I leave the room, he very sillily (I know it's not a word) starts saying, "Mom, I smoocheded you. Tell Dad I smoocheded you, okay?"
That boy definitely makes me laugh. A few minutes later he came downstairs to see if I'd told Matt and to see if it had made him jealous. Funny boy!

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LCFrohm said...

umm is it bad that i totally smooch my kids...and not the way you do? i've probably scarred my children forever. but i love kissing them!

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