Monday, April 19, 2010

Wish I could do that

I've been here in the office working on some housing stuff. Seth's having a snack in his high chair and Luke's watching a show. I realize after a few minutes that the house is strangely quiet. So I go see what the boys are up to. Quiet usually = trouble in this house. But instead of trouble, I found this:

Ah, to be able to nap wherever I am. What would that be like? I am so not a napper. This boy takes after his dad for sure!


Jessica said...

Yikes, to fall asleep on straight plastic, oh but wait, it looks as though his upper lip is propping him up...that's nice;)-too funny Jen!

Becky said...

That cracks me up. He definitely is Matt's boy.

jbel said...

my kids never do this, but it sure looks like the life!

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