Friday, May 1, 2009

Time to Compare

So, I thought it would be interesting to post baby pictures of Maya, Luke, and Seth for comparison. Let's see eveyone's opinions about who looks like who.

(Seth - 5 weeks old)

The left picture is Luke, probably only a week or 2 old. The right is Maya, a little over 2 months old.
(The quality of Maya's picture isn't great. It's a picture of a picture. We only have pictures from her first few months of life from other people because our camera (old school, film camera) was broken and we didn't know it. Pre-digital camera era for us. We got a digital when she was 3 months old.)


a Burnett (Sarah or Garrett) said...

He totally looks like Luke (though I could be influenced by Maya's dress here).

Sarah said...

I think they all look different--how'd you manage that? =)

The Moving Circus said...

I think that you could tell that they are related!!! So cute. Wish I was out there to help the time pass by quicker like you did for me last year!! Thanks L)

Jessica said...

Ok, so I htought the first two pictures were Seth, so there's my answer!! Obviously he has his own "Sethness" about him:)
Hang in there, and just buy new bubbles and toys and eat fast food to passs the days, I awlays bought cheap puzzles for the kids, and rented movies to pass the time when Lance was gone!!! I'm here for you!

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