Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Matt!!

Born on May 12, 1976, weighing 8 lbs 15 oz (just didn't want to hit that 9 lb mark did you?), Matt is 33 years old today. Happy birthday, honey!!!
I wish you were in town so we could spoil you, but since you are not, here is a little public display of affection. For those who don't like the lovey dovey types of messages, look away now.

How to start. . . what do I love about this man? Just about everything. He's not a perfect person, but he is perfect for me. You all may not believe this, but in almost 9 years of marriage we've never had a real fight. It's hard for me to imagine Matt even raising his voice in anger. That's just not who he is. Who wants to waste time arguing?
He makes me laugh everyday, always has. Our children can't get enough of him, so much so that I can barely give him a hug when he gets home without the kids pushing me out of the way. The picture below is pretty typical. If they're awake and Daddy's home they're glued to his side.

He is an amazing father. From the beginning with Maya, who was not an easy infant, he would stay up through the night just holding her. He's not afraid to be silly making faces and making up silly words and games for their entertainment. I hope our children always realize, even in their teenage years, how lucky they are to have him as a father.

I can't get enough of him. I always think it's funny when I hear women say that after a few days of having their husbands home they can't wait for them to get back to work because they're in the way. I have never had that thought come close to crossing my mind. His vacation days always pass by way too quickly whether we spend the week at home relaxing or in Hawaii checking out as many beaches as we can.

What can I say - 33 and I still think he's HOT! Sometimes I can't help but stare and my heart starts to beat faster because I can't believe that he's mine. You still have to explain that one to me, Matt.

I love you, honey! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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