Monday, August 1, 2011

Military Appreciation

You have to be in a civilian setting to get the benefits of being in the military. Take getting airplane tickets for example. I get notified that I have to attend some training. To make this happen, there are about 12 people's desks I have to go to for signatures, then I have to fill out a form and cost analyses and justify the expense (umm...because the Air Force says I have to- what other justification do you want!?). I had carry these signatures to the travel agent, who then tells me, "everything looks fine. Now take it over to the travel director, have him sign it, and bring it back." After suppressing the urge to inquire 'why don't you take it?', I ask for directions. Turns out it is ten feet away. By a stroke of fortune, the appropiate person is there and signs my form, which I then hand carry back to the travel agent, who tells me I need three copies. I've been in the military long enough top know this means I get to make them and distribute them myself.

Contrast this with my experience at the airport. Since I am wearing a uniform, I am escorted to the front of the security gate and thanked for my service to the country for the first of no kidding twelve times that day. I walk past my departure gate to check my flight is on time, and without me even initiating an eye gaze towards the flight steward, he asks me to please come forward and give him my boarding pass. Knowing that this means the military has messed up my ticket, I comply "here you go, is there a problem?" Apparently the problem was that they wanted me to be in first class for free.

So next time you see someone in uniform flying first class, recognize that your tax dollars didn't put him there, some agent with a desire to show appreciation did.


LanceJess said...

Awesome I mean the first class thing

jbel said...

lucky you! hope its the first of many benefits and blessings during this period of your life.

Becky said...

As it should be!

Kathy said...

I'm glad to know they treat the soldiers right on the airlines. They deserve every perk they are given.

Your equipment looks heavy and hot!

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