Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of School 2011

I need to get dinner started and fill out a million 1st day papers, but I wanted to make sure that I got this post done before time gets away from me.

Today Maya started 4th grade and Luke started 1st grade. I have no idea where this extremely short summer went. Maya was very excited and up at 3 am telling me she couldn't fall back to sleep. I wonder if she'll ever not be excited for the first day of school. I'm not complaining - I'm glad my kids like school. Luke started 1st grade today. This year I do not have to drop off and pick up kids at school 3 times a day, which I'm very excited about. Seth and I have the whole school day together all to ourselves. Handling 1 kid all day seems so easy!

Matt called this afternoon and got to hear from the kids about their first day. Wish you were here, honey. Miss you tons!

Here's some pictures of my kids, who seem to be growing up way too fast.



(Luke's classroom)

(Maya's classroom)


The Murphy's said...

I remember when Kiley and Danny where in 4th and 1st grade. Cherish it now because trust me it goes way too fast. Now they're in college and 11th grade, where did the time go?

jbel said...

Would you believe that I still remember meeting Maya when she was but a wee babe?! You guys brought her to a ward Volleyball game when you had just moved to Germantown.

Love the first-day o school pics. Every good blog has got to have 'em.

On a side note, do you read NieNie Dialogues? I became (slightly) obsessed with her blog when Drew was deployed. Really, it got me through the whole experience. I checked it EVERY single day. If you haven't heard of her and/or haven't checked out her blog, do it. I promise you, it'll get you through deployment too!

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