Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time to catch up

It's time to catch up. I've posted about a few of our adventures this summer; but now that we're set up in our new home, it's time to catch up on the pictures as well.
First up is The Ear Piercing Adventure (Tuesday June 22, 2010). Maya's best friend in San Antonio is Emi. They played together almost every day. (We really miss living down the road from the Neilson Family.) As a last hoorah, they decided they wanted to go together and get their ears pierced.
Maya decided to go first. She hopped up in the chair not giving herself time to get psyched out. So here's the excited before shot.

Getting her ears marked

And here goes the first ear. . .

Now there's a break in the pictures because Maya started freaking out and begging to not have her other ear done. After a couple of minutes of crying (and freaking out her friend Emi) we took a walk around the store to calm down.
Now it's Emi's turn. She's still a little freaked, but it's gonna get done. Maya still only has one ear done at this point. Maya's giving Emi a little moral support.

After getting Emi's ears done as quickly as possible, it was Maya's turn to hop back in the chair.
Doesn't she look so excited??

Followed by more tears, here are some after shots. After about another 5 minutes the girls were on a high and so excited that they had gotten it done. It was definitely a bonding experience.

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