Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Residency Graduation

Back on June 4, 2010 (the same weekend as Maya's baptism) Matt graduated from his anesthesiology residency.

It's been quite a ride starting in the DC area where Matt attended USUHS (Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences) for his medical education. That was from Summer of 2002 through May of 2006. Maya was 2 months old when he started. Luke was born at the beginning of his 4th year of med school plus a few adventures in between.

From there we were moved to Travis Air Force base in California for a 1 year surgical internship. That year is a blur to Matt - very very long hours. During that crazy time we got the most amazing news that Matt had been accepted into the Anesthesia Residency program (There is only 1 in the Air Force so spots are very limited. It's quite competitive.) When that year was completed, we said "See ya!!!" to his surgical internship and headed to San Antonio, Texas where we would spend the next 3 years.
Matt really enjoys what he does and after 3 years of hard work, he's completed his residency and finally feels like he can tell people he's a doctor (even though he's technically been a doctor for 4 years already). We had and amazing time in San Antonio and made some really great friends.

Now we're back at Travis Air Force base for at least the next 4 years. Matt will deploy for the first time next summer. We'll have to wait and see what adventures await us here in Cali.

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The McKinstry Family said...

Congrats!!! That is so exciting..you guys have had some fun adventures :)

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