Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lots of change

So, we're all moved out of our house. We will be here in San Antonio for another week. We head out on the road to California next Thursday. A lot had changed in the past few days. Lots of pics have been taken, but I'm waiting to upload them to our desktop (which is on the moving truck right now). Who knows when I'll get to post them, as we haven't chosen a home in California yet. Could be a month before we see our things again.
I just wanted to make note in our little family journal of some of the happenings of this big week of change. Monday and Tuesday the packers came and boxed everything up (not very well - there were a few cupboards they didn't even open!! Didn't find that out until after all was said and done. Plus they broke one of my crystal serving dishes before it even got to a box - smashed to a million pieces.)
While all this is happening, we're crashing with some great friends of ours, the Neilsons. Becca N and I took Maya and her best friend Emi (Becca's girl) to get their ears pierced on Tuesday. They were so excited to do this together. I have a whole picture montage: The excited before, the crying shock after the first ear was done, followed by don't make me get the other one done, I don't want my other ear pierced, followed by Emi saying "No way am I getting that done". After a little break and Maya walking around and calming down, Emi got hers done, followed by Maya getting her other ear done (mainly because the lady said it would hurt more to remove the freshly pierced one than it would to pierce the other ear.) After lots more tears, the girls were on a high and so glad they did it!
Wednesday, the loaders came and put everything on the truck. It was an all day process. Luckily another friend of mine took the kids for the afternoon. Such a big help. I was sad to walk through my empty house at the end of the day. We've had such an amazing time living in this house for the past 3 years.
Today we said goodbye to the Neilson family. They're headed on vacation. Luke said goodbye to his friends Jaike and Tyler and is just fine (I don't think he realizes that this was it.) Maya and Emi had lots of tears and broken hearts. Maya just needed to sit and cry for a while after they left.
We spent this evening cleaning our house and getting it ready for our tenants who will move in this weekend. Matt leaves tomorrow to Maryland to paint out townhouse out there and hopefully we'll have some renters in it soon. Lots of stuff happening. Not wishing our last days here in Texas away, but ready for all the craziness to be done.
Once we're settled in Cali, I'll post a big old picture montage of our adventures.
Over and out. . .for now.


Anne-Marie said...

Hey! I have not forgotten you! I am still in town...plans changed, again :) We are going to miss you guys. I can't believe I did not think to take your kids for the afternoon...glad somebody did!

Your story about the ear piercing makes me want to get Emily's done now,when she won't think about it so much!

Becca said...

boo hoo! saying goodbye SUCKS

The Kids