Sunday, June 13, 2010

Maya's Baptism Day

Maya was baptized on June 5, 2010

Here is her blog entry about her special day:

My baptism day was a very special day for me. When I got baptized the water was warm. I had 2 dresses: 1 for wearing in the water and the other for after. My Grandma Crop made my baptism dress that I wore into the water. I felt very very happy. I liked when my Grandpa Crop said the talk about baptism. And I also liked when my mom sang the song. My blessing was very special to me. I kept on smiling. It felt good to go in the water. I had to tuck my dress between my legs so it wouldn't float when my dad dunked me in the water. I had a french braid so my hair wouldn't float up. My dad had a very fun day probably too. It was a very special day for both of us. My cousins Grace and Jackson and Blaize were there and Aunt Jessica and Uncle Lance. Grandma and Grandpa Crop were there also. It made me feel like I was loved.

This is me in the dress that grandma Crop made me. It is the one I wore into the water.

This is me and my Dad the day I was baptized. I'm still wearing the one I wore into the water. (These are pictures we took before we left to go to the baptism.)

This is a close-up of me and my dad.

This is me and my friend Heidi. She got baptized with me. There were 2 other kids who got baptized too.

Me and my dad are taking some pictures before my baptism starts.

My dad is kissing me. Heehee!

Me and my friend Emi are best friends. She already got baptized.

Me and Grace are taking a picture together. We are good buds. She is a very good cousin.

My whole family!! There's me, my mom, my dad, and my 2 little brothers Luke and Seth.

This is all of my family together on my baptism day.

This is a picture of me and my mom. She is a very good mom.

This is a picture of Grandma and grandpa with all the bags trying to find the keys in one of them.

Smile for the camera!!

The family at Olive Garden. . .mmmmmm!

Now it's mom's turn:

Maya's baptism was such a special day. I didn't stand a chance of making it through the morning dry-eyed. We got everyone up and ready to go making sure we remembered enough towels and dry clothes and brushes etc. It was pretty crazy getting out of the house. We were surprised at the church to find Jess and Lance and the kids! They spent a lot of time and early morning hours in the car to get there for Maya's special day. We were so excited to see them. It's always a good time when they come to visit. We're sad that we're moving away and won't be able to see them as much.

Maya looked so precious in each of her dresses. We couldn't find the dress that I (and subsequently my younger sisters and nieces) had been baptized in. So my mom made a new baptism dress that Maya was the first to wear and each of my other nieces in turn will get to wear. What a special thing to have and share.

As Maya said, 3 other children were also baptized that morning. We couldn't fit everyone in the primary room so we moved over to the chapel so there would be plenty of room. My dad gave the talk on baptism and then I went up to sing a song that has been special to me since Maya was an infant: What Heaven Sees in You. I cried like a baby - at least I made it to the 3rd verse before I did. After I finished singing/crying I went to sit back down and found Seth had pooed through his clothes so I ran to the bathroom to change him, worrying that I was going to miss Maya actually being baptized. Luckily it was a quick change and Jess and my mom came in to rescue me and send me to watch.

There is not much in this world that is more special than watching your child get baptized.

The rest went smoothly with Maya being given the gift of the Holy Ghost and confirmed a member of the church. I tried to write down as much of the blessing as I could so that Maya will have that to read whenever she wants. She was all smiles all morning.

After some pictures we headed out to lunch to celebrate and then spent the rest of the day goofing off at the pool and playing with family for the short time that we had them with us. Time always flies way too fast when we're having fun as a family.

I'll post again in a few days about the other happenings of the weekend (ie., Matt's residency graduation!!) Till then....


Becky said...

What a beautiful post! I love Maya's writing on it. That will be priceless to have. She is such a beautiful girl! Sorry we couldn't be there. But we are excited that you'll be moving a little closer to us. We'll have to do something sometime.

This is totally off the spiritual topic, but you are so skinny! You look awesome. And I have to say you've totally inspired me. I just signed up to do a triathalon in August.

And finally, tell Brother congratulations on finishing residency. Although from my perspective you deserve at least as much, if not more, of the credit for making it through as a married single mom with three kids. You're a good woman!

The Murphy's said...

It looks like Maya had a beautiful day. We wish we could have been there.

Maranda & Adam Crop said...

We are so sad we couldn't make it! Maya looked so pretty and what exciting time for all of you! We miss and love you guys!!

The Kids