Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Our moving adventure" update

So we've been here in California for a couple of weeks now. Our drive from Texas went pretty smoothly and much faster than we were anticipating with 3 kiddos in the car. We got to leave a few hours earlier than we were planning thanks to Matt's car getting picked up first thing in the morning. We said a family prayer before leaving, asking for a safe trip. We get the kids loaded in the car and Matt goes to start it and nothing happens! We have a Honda Pilot and it has never given us so much as a hiccup. At first I think Matt's playing a little joke on me. "Ha Ha, funny! Now start the car!" is what I'm thinking but I realize after a few turns of the key that he's not messing with me. We finally get it started and take it down the road and have the battery checked. Sure enough we need a new one. I'm just so glad that this was figured out in town in a familiar place before we got started rather than in the middle of nowhere Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Calirfornia desert. So that was a blessing and the rest of our drive was uneventful.
We drove all day on the 1st and made it to El Paso (still in Texas!!). It's crazy that the state is so big you can drive all day and still be in it. We made it to Phoenix the next day and then drove to LA to visit Matt's brother and his family. It was the third and there little town does its own fireworks on the 3rd. So we watched some with them that night. The next day we drove to my oldest brother's place in Madera and spent the 4th with them. It was so great to get to catch up with some of our family along our way here to Travis Air Force Base.
We're staying in the TLF (temporary lodging facility) here on base and it's actually pretty decent. It's a 2 bedroom apartment with a full eat in kitchen (dishwasher and all). The kids love having their own beds and a TV in their bedroom. There happens to be a playground right outside our building and that nice for letting Maya and Luke go work out some energy.
We got here on the 5th and started looking at houses right away. It got pretty frustrating trying to find the right fit. We found some beautiful homes but they were kind of far from base and I'm tired of Matt having a long commute. Another home was beautiful and brand new (never lived in before) with an awesome backyard, but the owner seemed kind of difficult. We finally found a home in the school district we were hoping for and it's nice and roomy so family and friends can come and visit and stay with us. We'll move in on the 3rd of August, the day after Matt takes his board exam. I'm so ready to have our things back.
So 2 more weeks in the TLF. It's nice to have found a home and that stress gone. Now we'll just hang out and get things in order for the move into the house.


Kevin and Kristen said...

Oh the adventure of moving! I am sorry that house hunting was kind of difficult, but am glad tha tyou found one and will be moving in soon. Hope everything goes well!

Chris or Katie said...

Glad you made it safely there. It sure was good to see you! Good luck with settleing into your new place.

The Kids