Monday, January 18, 2010

Plain Old Good Day

Today was just a good day. Nothing spectacular or amazing happened. Kids still fought a little and whined a little. Seth still cried a little. But that's to be expected. I didn't say it was a perfect day. But it was a really appreciated good day.
To start off, Matt was able to have the day off thanks to the holiday. That just puts things off to a good start. I absolutely LOVE having my husband home every second I can get him. On a friend's recommendation we tried out a new pizza for lunch while out running a few "because we want to" errands. It was sooo good. The kids gave it two thumbs up as well. And they give out the little dough balls for kids to play with while we waited for food. Always a plus.
It was an absolutley beautiful day. Sunny and close to 70. No complaints about that at all on a mid-January day. I do not miss the snowy cold weather at all (only during the Christmas season). So after relaxing on the couch while Matt and Seth took a little catnap, we went out back and played catch and hit a few wiffle balls. I'm proud to say I hit another one completely over the house and into the street - no help from the roof rolling it over. Man it feels good when you connect with the ball like that. When we went inside, it turned out that Luke went and snuggled with Seth (in other words he woke Seth up from his nap). So we all went to the park - Maya on her bike, I jogged the scenic route and Matt pushed the boys. We played Frisbee til it was too dark and we all jogged back together with an all-out sprint down our caul-de-sac. It feels good to just let loose.
It's been on of those days when you don't have a million places to be. We were able to just be together as a family and ask "What do you want to do?" not "what to we have to get done?" It's been the type of day you appreciate when it comes along, when you can sit down at the end of the day relaxed and say "It was a good day."
Hopefully we won't have to wait to long for another.

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