Friday, January 22, 2010

How's my day been?

A little Murphy's law for me after that last post. My good day needed to be equaled out with a not so good day. Now, I've had plenty of worse days, even heartbreaking ones. This isn't one of those. This is just one of those days that as much as I try to be in a good mood, my boys are making it difficult. I specify boys b/c Maya is a school all day and she is pretty much a dream child.
Seth decided to help me start my day by crying for an hour straight this morning before the sun came up. Didn't matter that I had fed him and was holding him and snuggling with him - he wasn't happy and needed to cry. I am not at all a morning person so that didn't start my mood off right. Matt is also on call today so as all this happens, I know that no relief is coming this evening. It's okay; I'll deal with it. I'm just in a bad mood. We get the morning going and after a very frustrating drive in the fog (some people just suck a driving!) to drop kids off at school we get settled at home. Seth cheers up and even goes down for a nap. So I have some quiet time with Luke.
When Seth wakes up we head out to Super-Walmart to get some groceries. The trip starts off fine, no tantrums from either boy. I have one thing left to get in the store when Luke gets upset that I said no to popsicles. The second I turn my back to get what I need I turn around and Luke has run off! He has a very bad habit of doing this. He gets punished every time yet he continues to run away. I start walking down the main aisle checking every which way as I walk. I'm torn between fear of Luke getting snatched and severe anger that he has done this yet again! I decide to ask one of the workers for help in finding him. I tell the woman my problem expecting her to ask me what he's wearing and then have it announced through their walkie talkies or over the PA, but instead she looks at me funny and walks away. I think she's going to do something when I notice that she is talking to another customer helping him! WHAT!! So I proceed to do some more laps around the store getting angrier and angrier. I assume the worker I asked probably didn't speak English b/c usually when you say my 4-year-old has run off people don't ignore that. I decide to go check by transformers because sometimes Luke will head over there. He's no where to be seen. I finally ask another worker (hoping he speaks english) for help and finally I get the response I'm looking for. As he's calling it in he spots Luke (heading for the transformers) and runs to catch him because I have an infant in the cart. I can't just leave Seth to chase Luke. It's very frustrating. I yank Luke away from the toys, give him a lecture and proceed to drag him down the aisle to put his treat back that he had picked out. He doesn't like this and decides to start a tantrum. Who cares - go ahead and scream. I will not let him get away with this. We finish up and he calms down after I explain to him that I am indeed NOT a mean mom and that what he did was dangerous and that's why he lost the privelige of walking by himself. I'm rambling now. We're home, he's had his time out and everyone seems to be doing better. Hopefully the rest of the day will be nice and uneventful.
Now that I have this written down, 20 or 30 years from now when he's telling me similar stories about his kids I'll have this blog printed out as a family journal and be able to show him right where his kids get it from.


Sarah said...

"Right where his kids get it from" . . . I love that. Nobody ever told me motherhood was this challenging! But nobody could have possibly explained the euphoria of the good days either, so I guess you're right . . . it all evens out. Maybe?

Sorry about the heartbreaking days, I hope all is well! Do you guys know where you'll be next year?

The McKinstry's said...

I can totally relate to your Super-Walmart story. What is it about that store that makes kids run off, Spencer does it everytime we go in there. I have lost him a good ten minutes before and running with a cart and other kids is not fun. I hope the rest of the day went better.

Jessica said...

Oohh..Lukey....:) Sorry Jen, Blaize has started that habit too, just disappearing down the aisle, it freaks me out...BOYS!!!

The Murphy's said...

It's a good thing that he is so dang cute! I remember when Danny used to hide in the clothes rounders in Walmart. I usually would buy the kids a treat if they were good, so when this started I told them the next time they hid we were walking out with nothing, and that included the treat. So needless to say he tested me and I left the cart full in the middle of the aisle and had Danny in a football hold as a toddler, screaming and left the store. I think it didn't happen too many times after that but it was super hard to leave without what I came there for. I think that you should complain about the worker who did not stop and help you find Luke, it doesn't matter if they don't speak English they live in America, and this could have turned out really bad. I always said that if someone tried to take my kids they would return them in a half hour because they didn't realize what they had gotten with their personalities.

Anne-Marie said...

I can't believe that first employee! I hope she did not understand you because if not, what she did was awful!!! I lost Emily one time at JCPenney, and they immediately called it in and guarded the door.
Their response was a major relief for me (even though I ended up crying anyway).

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