Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Little Memories

Last night before heading to bed, Matt checked to make sure that Luke was in his bed. Luke was not in his bed. Instead, he had climbed into Seth's crib and the boys were all snuggled up in there with piles of blankets on top. I wish I could've taken a picture, but I really didn't want the flash to wake Seth up. We carefully pulled Luke out and tucked him into his own little bed. Luke is such a snuggler when it comes to going to sleep. He doesn't like to be alone. Apparently even sharing a room isn't enough. Seth looked pretty comfy too all snuggled into Luke's side. It was really cute.
(This blog is my version of a family journal. I don't want to forget these little moments, so I'm starting "Little Memories" which will be short posts of funny things said or moments I want to remember.)

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jbel said...

too cute

remind them of that story when they are older and fighting over something silly ... like ... girls!

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