Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thanks, Kendra!!

(Kendra and Seth kickin it on the couch)
Here's a little thank you shout out to my sister Kendra for being out here for the past 2 weeks to help with the kids (and thanks to Dad for sending her out)! Having you here doing all the dishes and straightening up, and taking one child while I deal with another was very helpful. You also kept me company during all those lonely hours without my honey. So thanks! Love you!

(Jess - now it's your turn to come down and play with me. Matt will be gone for most of May. . .)


Jessica said...

I know I, I will be quite the traveler between you and NY CRAZY!!!

Becca said...

I bet your sad that she's gone. How nice that she could be here to help you.

The McKinstry's said...

I am glad that your sis was able to come help you. It sounds nice to have someone come help you for two weeks. Good luck after she leaves.

jbel said...

he's growing so quickly by the looks of him in the pic w/ ur sis.


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