Friday, April 10, 2009

More pics of the new addition

I think Seth's color is definitely blue. I've put him in several different colors and, of course he looks cute in all of them, but by far, he looks the best in blue. Here's a few pics of him with his face less scrunched up.

(The one below is Maya's photography work - not too shabby)

The one above is how I spend a lot of my day. I need to figure out how to work the "Wrap n Wear" my sister let me borrow so I can free up my hands now that my sister is flying home and I'll be on my own a lot. Wish me luck.


jbel said...

does matt get paternity leave? did he already use it up b4 ur sis. came out?
i hope things go well for you.
looks like Maya and Luke are ready to b good lil helpers!

Jessica said...

OK the bottom 2 pics are my favorite, seems like Aunt Kendra has an edge on me, the way Seth is looking at her, but don't worry, Im still in the game. Also did I mention he is as cute as a button! SOOO CUTE!!!!

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