Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My mischievious man

I have no idea if I spelled the title to this post correctly, but anywho. . ..

Luke keeps me busy. That's for sure. Lately, he's been very interested in all the baby stuff and pointing out babies and all that good stuff. We're doing our best to prepare him for his new little brother. Our house is a bit of a disorganized mess (I'm too tired to nest properly) because we've been getting all the baby stuff out and set up, or against a wall ready to set up. Matt's had a busy work schedule and the floor is too far away for me (I did some picking up of the toy room the other day and the constant bending gave me the worst heart burn for the rest of the day despite having taken Zantac AND Tums.) Anyway, the baby is going in Luke's room. He's excited to share his room. (He and Maya shared until we moved here to Texas.) I've got storage bins out full of baby clothes and blankets, etc. I walked into Luke's room to find this:

He had dumped out the container with all the blankets and burp rags and was hiding under it all. He thought is was a great game. The upside to this game, aside from entertaining him for a bit: since the blankets were out of the bin, I finally got around to throwing them in the wash, and now they're all fresh and ready for baby's arrival.

Another incident: Just yesterday I was in my room folding laundry. Luke was in the toy room, which is right next to my bedroom. Sounded like he was playing nicely. Every so often I'd hear him declare, "Yay, we did it!" He was having a good time. I went to check on him and found this:

He had taken all the legos, his race cars and track, all the stuffed animals, and all the books from the book shelf and made a big pile on the floor. He was quite proud of himself and not happy when I made him pick up everything. By the time I got the camera, he had put most of the stuffed animals away. He was originally trying to lie down on them on the big pile and rest.

He keeps me busy.


jbel said...

ah, kids! I'm sure in no time mine will be doing the same. I'm just not far enough along to even have baby stuff out yet. Let's face it: I still don't even know the sex of this kid!
Now when K does what Luke did, I'll be able to laugh instead of taking it personally!

The Moving Circus said...

just Luke makes me laugh. He is such a sweet boy :) I can't believe you are ready to have your baby soon... We miss you guys too. Good luck and happy pushing ;)

The Jones--trying to keep up said...

He looks completely innocent in those pictures!:) Like an elf came in and made the mess and snuck out before mom saw.

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