Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Belly

Okay - This is hard for me to post, but I think it's important to have at least one picture of yourself very pregnant. I hate to look at it while I'm pregnant, but I like to look back once my body is back to normal. So here's a picture taken of me last Sunday (37 weeks along). Please be kind in your thoughts and remember, the camera adds 10 pounds to the enormous amount of weight I've already gained. For comparison, I'm including pictures of me pregnant with Maya and Luke.

Now for the pool - give me your guesses on when you think I'll have this baby. Maya's due date was May 15th - she was born on May 13th. Luke's was September 5th - he was born on the 2nd. My due date now is March 22nd. When do you think this baby will arrive? Due date or later, a few days early like Maya and Luke, or a week or more early?
Last Sunday 3/1 (37 weeks)

Below - red shirt: Maya, black shirt: Luke

Maya was 7 1/2 pounds, Luke was just about 10 pounds. I'm curious to see how big this next one is.


a Burnett (Sarah or Garrett) said...

How in the world did you have a ten pound baby?? For the sake of not being pregnant any longer than necessary, I'll guess St. Patrick's day--it's worked well for Olivia.

Maranda & Adam Crop said...

You look SO cute prego and I'm not just saying that. Living in Utah Valley I see a high amount of prego women and you really look so good! And the fact that you had a 10 pound baby makes me a little nervous since Adam weighed 13.9..yikes! Oh and I am guessing the 19th of March...yay I'm so excited for you!

Jessica said...

Jen You look the best with this pregnancy I think, all curvy-in a good way- not just abig bump! I'm guessing 8 lbs, you look huge with Luke, not so much with this one. I'm guessing March 20th. And I love that you are letting us in on this!-and showing pictures-it is fun to see.

Rachel said...

You look great! I love pregnant bellies. Im going to say March

Corinne said...

I'm guessing the 21st! And I think you always look so beautiful pregnant! I hope you are comfortable - and I can't wait to hear about your new addition.

Lisa said...

Is it possible to get cuter and cuter with each pregnancy?? You look WONDERFUL!! My prediction: March 18th

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