Sunday, February 22, 2009

Should my feelings be hurt? (Cuz they're not)

Church starts at 2:30 in the afternoon for us this year, which leaves a lot of time to be filled - especially on Sundays when Matt is on call/not home to help entertain. Today was one of those call days. At one point the kids got out a bag of colorful wooden beads and started stringing some necklaces. I was in the kitchen feeding this prego belly of mine thinking what a nice activity the kids had chosen to do. The problem was, they were fighting over who got to make a necklace for daddy. I heard a few times in a few different ways "Why do I always have to make stuff for mommy and you always get to make things for daddy?" This basic argument was coming from both of them. Now - you would think I would be a little hurt inside. But really, I just wanted them to stop fighting. I told them several times that they could both make a necklace for daddy, which I'm sure he'll love sporting around the house tomorrow. They didn't seem to understand. I promised my feelings wouldn't be hurt and told them to both make daddy a necklace. I really didn't want to listen to the arguing. Here's the finished product:
(Maya's is on the left, Luke's the right)
In the end, Maya gave me the necklace she made. I think she's very sensitive to others feeling left out - very sweet. Luke is excited to give his to Matt when he comes home tomorrow.


jbel said...

can't wait to see a pic of Matt sporting his Luke-made necklace

Cassie said...

Cute necklaces--cute kids. Things like that used to kinda hurt my feelings---when Addison was a toddler, but now, it doesn't faze me. Motherhood is certainly not a popularity contest!
BTW--Luke was pretty darn cute trying to figure the best way to fold his arms yesterday during church!

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