Monday, December 1, 2008

Good Times at Thanksgiving

The feast

We had a great Thanksgiving this year. My parents, my sister Rachel, and my sister Jess and her family all came down and stayed at my house over the holiday weekend. It was exhausting and great fun at the same time. We made way too much yummy food, spent a day at Sea World, and played lots of games. The kids, as well as the adults, crashed hard and slept great every night. I wish we lived a little closer so these get togethers could happen a little more often. Here are some of the memories:
Grandpa reading Luke stories.
After all the excitement, Luke couldn't stay awake through the whole story.

The kids just can't get enough of their Aunt Rachel

We let the kids (Maya, Grace, and Jackson) make some creations with the leftover pie crust.

My mom saved me from back pain by giving each of her grandkids their own bath.
Thank You, Mom!

After that big old Thanksgiving dinner, we walked some of it off by going to the park and playing for a bit.

My parents loved being outside at the end of November in short sleeved shirts. They love their seasons, but this was a nice break from the winter weather in NY.

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