Friday, September 26, 2008

My Sneaky Picasso

While Matt's been out of town, I've been working on a home project. We had painted our bedroom back in July (a color I picked out) and once the paint was up, I hated it. Regardless of how pretty a brown it was, I had a brown room. It's a color that would be better as an accent rather than the main color. We thought that we were picking a color that would go well with our new bedding we just bought - a nice deep red. So, I've been painting my room a nice pale blue. (can't go wrong with blue because it is by far my favorite color - any shade of it). Since I'm pregnant and just don't have a lot of energy, I've been doing it a wall at a time, no big deal. Then I take a few days break and paint another wall.
my work on the room

Yesterday I painted another wall. Luke even helped me. I showed him how to use a brush and even let him use the roller, but it was driving me crazy b/c I hate all the drips that happen with the kids and the uneven coating and worrying about them getting it on something that it shouldn't get on. (Matt's much better at letting the kids help with this kind of stuff than I am. I just don't have the patience for it.) I then banned Luke to sit on my bed and look at books while I finished up. Everything went fine.

That evening I put the kids to bed and was ready to watch some season premieres of my favorite shows and just relax. I heard Luke out of his room and put him back to bed. A few minutes later he called downstairs saying "My hands sticky. Need to wash my hands." So I had him come downstairs not thinking much about it. I saw his hands had a whitish looking gunk all over them. My first thought was, did he get into some old Desitin in his room or something? Then it hit me: His hands were covered in paint! As well as some splotches on his favorite new pair of glow in the dark spider jammies. I was afraid to see my room.
Luke's late night project

I went upstairs and saw the damage -- and freaked out! He had opened the paint can (which is my fault that I didn't hammer the lid closed) and gotten and brush and painted a 3 to 4 foot area on the wall across the room (no point in painting the wall that was already blue) dripping paint on my carpet all the way across. Along with at least 1 brush stroke on the actual carpet. I made that boy sit in the corner and watch my clean it all up all the meanwhile yelling at the poor guy! Like he understands that carpet costs a lot of money and paint doesn't necessarily come out. It took an hour, but I got the paint out. I sent Luke to bed and he just kept saying that he was good and he wanted to be good. So I assured him that I still loved him and sent him to bed.

Not exactly the way I planned to spend a relaxing evening.


Sarah said...

Oops, never mind--now I see the color.

Becca said...

That's a nice blue. I agree, better than the brown. I am a totaly brown girl but that blue makes the room feel so much lighter/happier

Jessica said...

yeah soo much for relaxing!!!! I'm with you, I wnat to be a good mom and let them help and I do, but after like 10 min. I'm pulling my hair out!!! anywho...

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