Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Luke's First Day

Today is Luke's first day of preschool. A friend of mine is doing a Joy school in her home (and it's not a coop thing, so I don't have to teach - perfect!). I signed Luke up for Tuesday and Thursday mornings - what will I do with all that time to myself?
Luke was pretty cute this morning. At first he wasn't all that interested in going to school. In his words: "I want to play smash brothers." (A video game he got to play a lot in NY and I haven't let him play since - not til he's potty trained.) Once I pulled out his spiderman backpack and started putting his school things in it he got very excited.
Before we left he got to say goodbye to Matt. (He's home on a very rare sick day.) He showed Matt his new T-shirt. He also said "I have a spiderman backpack. AWESOME!" Then gave Matt a high five. We went downstairs to leave and as we were walking out he kept saying "Awesome, dude!" It's just really cute to hear that come out of a 3-year-old's mouth. (Awesome and cool are his new approval phrases)
Joy school starts in the backyard, that's where we drop off all the kids. He was playing and at first didn't want me to leave. He really wanted me to watch him play on the little playscape and show me his tricks. I finally gave him a hug and told him I'd watch him for one more minute and then I'd have to leave and take care of daddy. That did the trick. He played and then I waved goodbye and he said "You gotta go take care of daddy" as if he were reminding me. A good start to his first day.
I wasn't sad to leave him, but I really wanted to stay and watch the cute things they'd be doing. The teacher is planning on taking lots of photos and posting them on the class website, so that will have to do.


Jessica said...

Yeah for you and Luke...one day I'll have time to myself...one day!

Marlina said...

Finally a little time to yourself. I hope you enjoy it.

Becca said...

glad he did well, a little bit of freedom for you too!

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