Friday, September 26, 2008


I went upstairs to check on him and when he heard me call for him I heard footsteps running which immediately worried me. I asked what he was doing and he said painting. I bolted upstairs and sure enough the paint can was open again and he had added to his work the night before including fresh spots of paint on my carpet. This time I couldn't get them all out. Luckliy they are small and I'll just have to trim the carpet.
Let me clarify that I did hammer the paint lid shut. When I walked in, I found the screw driver next to the paint can. Luke remembered, from watching me, how to pry the lid open with the screw driver. Smart kid.
Luke had his favorite spiderman slippers that he wears all the time put up high and he got yelled at pretty well while sitting in time out the entire time I cleaned again.
My bedroom door is now locked and will remain that way unless I'm in there and until I finish painting and everything is put away in the garage. . .ERRRRR!


LCFrohm said...

Ahhh it's nice to know that my boys aren't the ONLY hoooolagans out there!
How's the pregnancy? When are you due?
Thanks for the laugh! I know it's not funny when you're in the situation, but hilarious to look back on.

Sarah said...

What color are you painting? You two are always up to something fun for your house.

jbel said...

oh no! I remember when Em marked up the wall in a 2 by 2 square and I too made her watch the cleaning effort ... I think she participated in it too. later that night when Drew came home she pointed to the wall and said, "Don't draw on the wall. No no!" I love that his guilty conscience led him to tell you right away what he'd done ... the 2nd time too!

The cool family! said...

Hey Jen, long time no see! I stumbled upon your blog through links off other friends' blogs I check out. Your kids sure are big! Maya is so beautiful!
Nice to 'see' you!
-Ryann Barnum

Rachel said...

What a clever little boy. He must love to paint. The blue looks nice. You almost inspire me to paint my dingy walls.

April said...

Sounds to me like you have the makings of a fine engineer or surgeon on your hands! clever luke! At times like this,I try to remember what Randy Pausch says about the whole thing in his book "The Last Lecture." Something like carpet, walls, cars, and other items are completely replaceable, childhood isn't! I be he had a great time!

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