Thursday, July 17, 2008

Under construction

So, I was trying to switch up my template for this blog (on another website) and when I changed it over I lost a lot of page elements. Grrr! Such a pain - so, we'll have to consider my blog to be under construction until I can get all of my little side posts and pics and music back. . .bear with me. I've also lost all my links to your blogs, so don't be offended if your blog isn't on my list - this will all take time. It would be really helpful if you could email me your blog addresses or leave a comment and I can get the link to your blog from that.


Jessica said...

Hey Jen I tried that template thing too and got frustrated and didn't do it! I wish I felt like it b/c everyone has cool pics and links and such and I don't!! As for your date, ummmm....hold on kickball-you'll have to let Matt be all-time pitcher and fielder but it could be fun for you! my favorite sport-with the head ooohhh yeah that's nice

Jessica said...

og jen when are you leaving again for ny?

Maranda & Adam Crop said...

The template process is really frustrating...just ask Adam he has to deal with me while I"m trying to get it to work:) I've probably deleted everything at least twice! I would love to come out and see you in Texas especially once it gets butt cold here!! I"ll converse with Adam and we'll come up with a plan!!

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