Friday, July 18, 2008

So my kids think they can dance

One of my favorite shows this summer, if not my favorite, is "So you think you can dance". LOVE IT! It's a show that I can actually watch while my kids are in the room (and there aren't many of those left these days), though I usually wait until they're in bed so I can enjoy a show uninterrupted. We were watching it last night and my kids just had to dance. Luke was trying to do what the guy was doing and that's why he's right in front of the TV the whole time. Maya tries a more graceful style. A few more years and a few more dance lessons and my kids may be ready for a real audience. Enjoy!



Jessica said...

So cool, tell Maya I love her moves, and umm Lukie, well he wasn't kidding around now where did he learn the head banging thing....:)

Lynn said...

fun! we are big fans of the show too.

Rachel said...

So I think your kids got some good dancing genes. I love how graceful Maya is.

jbel said...

love the music on your site. the kids have grown so big and beautiful. btw, you do know that my cousin and sister were on season 2 followed by my other cousin season 3, right? In fact, my cousin won season2 and my sis took 2nd (they don't announce 2nd,3rd,or4th) next time she's in town (like never now that she's married) i'll c if I can get her to sign a photo for Maya and Luke.

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