Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Luke

So, I've posted about Maya. Now I need to say a little something about Luke. Maya's in school all day each day, so Luke and I get our days to ourselves. Like I said in an earlier post - he is a bouncy boy - I mean, he is literally bouncing all the time. He loves to jump (especially on his sister if she is lying down). Most of the time it is him just having an innocent blast of fun - most of the time. Getting this picture taken was not a simple task. We had to bribe him to that section of the floor with his dinosaurs and then get him to look at the camera for more than a split second (stupid delay on these digital cameras!). Amazingly, we got a pretty darn cute picture out of it (after several tries). I love his blue eyes and his big smile. He loves to smile and give his mommy lots of kisses. When I'm sitting and relaxing on the couch, he'll just come over to me and start laying em on me. I love it! Another cute thing is, he loves the song "I am a Child of God". It's his night time song. (Maya's is my Heavenly Father Loves Me - who needs a recording contract when your biggest fans request a song from you every night and can't fall asleep without it) Back to Luke - he loves that song and will sing it with me every night, usually 3 times in a row (then I have to cut him off - can't give in to all the bedtime delay tactics) It's one of my favorite things - to hear my children sing such sweet songs - 10 years from now, the songs they sing might not be so sweet.

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