Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Giving In

Okay, so I'm finally giving in to the whole blog thing. It's what all the other kids are doing. I've been holding off because I wasn't sure I'd have anything interesting to say, or anything at all to say (I tend to listen rather than speak), but I've noticed that with age I'm much more opinionated and can't always stop myself from sharing those opinions. I have a facebook page and my family has a website, so I've also put off blogging because it would be one more thing to keep up with. But, not all my friends are members of those things, and I have loved reading your blogs! So, since I've been reading yours, I figure I should let you read something of mine. And I get to post lots of pics of my little family (not many pics of me b/c Matt isn't home too much - I'm the one taking all the pics) Hope you enjoy!
The picture above was from our Christmas card. (If you didn't get one then I probably don't have your address. Send it my way and I'll gladly include you). My husband Matt (a great looking guy, don't you think?) is holding our 2-year-old Luke (a very bouncy boy) and our 5-year-old Maya (always ready for the camera) is sitting between us. So here we are - I'll do my best to keep all this up to date.

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Lynn said...

Welcome to the blogoshpere. You'll be a great blogger!

The Kids