Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Big 1-0

Today is Mother's day. Ten years ago on Mother's day (which happened to be Matt's birthday - May 12), I went to the hospital to have Maya. What a fitting day to become a mother for the first time. We thought she was going to be a special birthday present for Matt, but she held on and was born a little after 7am the next morning - May 12, 2002. So she gets her own day. Today is her day.

10 years old
1 day old
So yesterday (on Matt's birthday) we threw Maya a party cuz, hey, 10 is a big mark.
So we had a Karaoke Rock Star party.

Supplies for getting "bling"-ed out and rock star ready
pre-party entertainment
Luke getting silly
Rock stars

Rock and Roll!

Getting ready to sing

Matt doing the "cha cha cha" dance as we sang to him. It was his actual birthday after all.

Yay for presents!

I can't even believe she's 10! Where does the time go? Maya is amazing. She is such a blessing in our lives. Some of her favorite things are: Piano and singing and dancing, playing sports (and showing up the boys), sewing and art, writing books, fashion shows with friends, and playing barbies. She has started doing some of her own cooking in the kitchen including making pancakes all by herself. She started wearing contacts about a month ago and loves it. She is so bright and does so well in school. She is her class representative for student counsel and has the highest reading level in her class. She loves to give hugs and to snuggle with her mom and dad. She's still a little shy, but gets along with almost anyone. She's quick to obey and help and loves her crazy brothers. She loves the gospel and as a family we are almost done reading through the entire book of mormon all together for the first time.
She's my girl and I'm so excited for all the girl things we'll get to do together.

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Chris or Katie said...

Happy Birthday Maya (and Matt!)

Hope you got a wild whop or a kukelchoo, an apple drop or a buzzardstew, or maybe a 3-eyed tickleshay for your birthday.

(Matt, you can explain this).

The Kids