Saturday, January 28, 2012

Who Needs a Reason?

It's been a while since we've done any kind of social activity with the whole unit; it's so cold and snowy people mostly stay in their rooms. But I got as many people together as I could today to celebrate an important day: our replacements started their pre-deployment Combat Skills Training in New Jersey today. One step closer to going home.

We made pumpkin bread, brownies, and pizza on the grill, thanks to many generous packages from my family. The board game saga of Officers v. Enlisted continued with Pictionary tonight. The officers won both rounds, bringing our record to... 3 wins, 12 losses

Mostly I just wanted an excuse to get everyone together and have some laughs. I will occasionally go days without seeing my teammates, because the work tempo has slowed so much, and I worry about people just hiding out in their rooms with no one to notice if they are happy or sad. So I needed a reason to get people out.

...and a reason to make the cookie-brownie Supreme Bars my sister sent me!


jbel said...

just catching up on your posts. thanks for updating.

and Jen, loved the pic of Maya talking to Matt on Skype. Brings back fond memories of Drew Jr. doing that from 5 mos.-12mos. Like you said, modern technology is something to be so grateful for.

Lisa said...

And--how did the cookie-brownie bars turn out....??? I know you wish you had the game with really bad family pictures now, don't you?

Becky said...

You were worried maybe I wasn't going to comment, weren't you. I am glad you had a good time and I am glad there isn't much work to do right now although I am sure it makes the time go by super slow. And whats up with your horrible losing streak to the Enlisteds? Man up, Brother!

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