Thursday, January 5, 2012

My trip outside the wire

I got to go off base today for the first time since arriving in Afghanistan. I went scuba diving with my daughter. I can't remember her ever starting lessons, but she had her certification already so we went to Hawaii. Not a stellar diving day because we didn't see any Hawaiian cleaner wrasse or Picasso triggerfish, although the parrotfish and yellow tangs were still quite pretty. And the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Jen and I savored the warm lush scent of a brief summer rain in the sunshine.

I woke up to the sound of helicopters. The scene that lay before me did not compare well with my tropical adventure. Overnight it had snowed, and the portopotty outside my room had been taken away and not replaced. Stupid helicopters.


Becky said...

Bummer! That is an awesome picture of you scuba diving though. Maybe our next family reunion should be in Hawaii, or at least some place warm. And no port-o-potties!

Lisa said...

Sea turtles are my very favorite....

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