Sunday, September 18, 2011

Soccer Season

Luke is #10 - to the left in this picture.

It is soccer season for this family. We lucked out big time on practices being at the same time and park - otherwise I had no idea how I was going to get my kids to practices. Luke's team is bright orange and so they named themselved the Smashing Pumpkins. (It's kind of funny to cheer for them because the name is a mouthful so I usually just shout the second word. "Go pumpkins" sounds a little too sweet.) Luke is one of the bigger/older kids on his team so he gets to be the strong player. He's a natural defender and loves to stop the ball and boot it away from the goal. He'll usually turn and give me a thumbs up afterward. He's had a turn playing goalie at the last 2 games and not one shot has gotten past him. So fun to watch him play!

(Blue jersey = goalie) Here he is throwing the ball back out into the field.

His team won this game 3-0!

Maya's team is named "Fury United". Her coach is absolutely fantastic. He's got the right balance of competitive nature blanced with wanting them to do their best and praising them for it. He teaches them so much about the game and is quick to encourage and praise their efforts. Maya loves the team she's on and always has a fantastic time. She tends to be a natural defender as well, but her coach is moving her around trying her out in more offense positions as well. Here are some pics from her game yesterday. They won 7-0!

Maya is number 6

It's hard to watch games and keep 2 boys entertained. So I brought out the big guns - video games. They only get to play these on Fridays and Saturdays.

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jbel said...

way to go Jen ... keep figuring out the ways to parent all your children at once as the only one to do so! looks like you're getting it all figured out.
CONGRATS to the soccer winners!!!!!

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